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Building on our strong financial health and track record of providing quality child care for our community's children, our next challenge is renovating our facility. Constructed in 1969, our building has been a welcoming place and a safe haven for thousands of children over the years. Not surprisingly, a variety of improvements and renovations are needed to keep pace with our children's needs today and into the future.

A Strategic Plan

The Non-Profit Finance Fund conducted a facilities survey for the Center in 2005, and helped us to create a strategic plan for renovation. The following items were identified as our highest priorities.

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Recently Completed

The following renovations have been recently completed:

  • Install central air conditioning for four classrooms, the offices and the multi-purpose room. Currently we have individual units that are inefficient, costly to operate, and do not provide good climate control. Our one rooftop unit is over 30 years old. Our plan is to install two new rooftop units to provide consistent air conditioning throughout the Center. Additional electrical work will also be needed to accommodate the new units.
  • Improve the exterior front entrance and signage to provide a bright, welcoming experience for children and families.
  • Refurbish front offices to provide a quality work environment for administrative staff – easing administrative organizational tasks and aiding in employee retention with a comfortable and efficient workplace.
  • Improve entrance area with a security system, improved doors, and more accessible and approachable front desk.

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Coming Soon...

  • Rehabilitate the pre-school playground with a new surface, fencing and equipment. The rehabilitated program is designed to function as a multifaceted outdoor learning environment, providing a variety of experiences and activities.
  • Install flashing school light to alert motorists to slow down, ensuring the safety of our children and increasing awareness of the Center.

An Ambitious Undertaking

To be successful, we will need the assistance of many people who care. Help ensure that our young children have a safe, nurturing care environment during their pre-school years, so important in preparing them for school.

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Revised February 2009