What Parents Have to Say About West Chester Area Day Care Center

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So happy to be at the Best Daycare in Chester County!

Sometimes our parents can't say enough nice things. (We're blushing.)

Thank You for Loving My Kids as if They Were Your Own

After 8 years, tonight will be our last time here at West Chester Area Day Care, and there's no way that I could leave without expressing my love of this place. Read more...

When we first had to put our daughter K. in daycare, we had her in one of those fancy chain daycares. It didn't take me long to start second guessing the quality of care she was gettign and wondering where all of the money was going other than to make their location look pretty. Betsy was the first daycare director we met with when we decided to look for something different, she was also the only director we talked to.

I remember taking the tour of the daycare and just watching all of the teachers and aides interacting with the kids and I just got the feeling that everyone there loved their job and really enjoyed these kids. I had no doubt that K. would be taken care of while we were at work, what I didn't know at that time was how much this daycare would come to mean to us, the bonds that would be creatd through the last 8 years, and most importantly, just how loved my kids would be while they were there.

I used to come into the classroom quietly in the beginning and watch what was happening and I would watch Aja just giggling at the kids and enjoying them. Then K. found Ms. Jessie and there was an instant bond on both parts and tears from Jessie when we pulled K. out right before my maternity leave with B. I had some concerns when K. moved into Ms. Mona's room - let's just say that they had a rocky start but Mona got through whatever wall K. had put up towards her and the bond that I saw between them was amazing and has continued all these years later.

When it was B.'s turn, I had a hard time dropping him off for the first few weeks. He was so little and I had to drop him off at 6:30 every morning. But Gina dn Sharon took him right from every morning and he was always smiling as I left and full of smiles when I picked him up at the end of the day. Today, we walk through the halls of the daycare and everybody stops and talks to B. – everybody knows who he is by name and I love that most about this place. I don't care who walks into his room to cover, they all love each and every child.

One of the hardest decisions of any working parent is having to find a place to take care of your children while you're at work. I will forever be grateful that all those years ago I decided to take a chance here. I was able to go to work every single day and know that my kids were being taken care of and that they were being loved. Part of who they are was molded from their time here. Tonight it breaks my heart to say goodbye to everyone that we have crossed paths with during our time here. Betsy, you run an amazing daycare here. Your huge heart, kindness, compassion and joy of what you do flows over into every aspect of this place. I thank all of you for loving my kids as if they were your own.
~K. Burns

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Genuine Love Plus Incredible Drive and Dedication

I can't even begin to express the appreciation and gratitude I have for you and all of your team at WCADCC. I have always felt so comfortable and confident in everyone there caring for, guiding, and teaching L. all that she knows. I sincerely recommend your center to every one of my friends. Read more...

I have never, ever been disappointed in the level of care and genuine love you have for all of the children there. I am so incredibly thankful that we had the opportunity to be with you all for so many years. L. has turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined in a child and I truly attribute much of that to everything you've been able to provide for her. Your teachers are wonderful. Each and every one has such incredible drive and dedication and there was not a single day in the past 6 years that L. hasn't come home with a smile on her face. I believe wholeheartedly that WCADCC is the catalyst for a bright future for my daughter and I hope you all know how much you've impacted our family in the best way possible. L. will also be starting her academic career in kindergarten in the fall [in our new school district]. I am certain that she has all the knowledge and tools she needs to succeed and it is honestly because of all of you. Thank you again for all that you've done for us over the years. We love you!
~C. Pava
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Hands Down the Best Daycare in Chester County

I am very proud to say that I went [to the Center] in 1972, 73, 74, 75. My sister M. went there 1983, 84, 85, 86. My daughter M. went there and my youngest daughter N. also attended. Hands down the best daycare in Chester County!!! Read more...

Also, my family has donated throughout the years through United Way contributions. The staff, the volunteers can't be beat!!! I can't say enough good things about WCADCC. I drive by often and memories ALWAYS come back!! Betsy McCabe Billie you are the backbone as well as the staff, volunteers and contributors. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!! You are ALL angels on earth!!!
~S. Kelly
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