Our Staff

proud grads with Betsy Billie, director

We have a wonderful staff, eight of whom have been here for more than 10 years. That kind of commitment and low staff turnover rate is unusual in childcare centers, so why do you find it here? Because we are different! Our Center's dedication to staff development and continuing education has earned us a Keystone Star 3 rating. Eleven of our staff members are hold the nationally recognized credential of Child Develoment Associate or are candidates to do so; four more hold the Bachelor of Science in Education and one holds a Master's Degree.

But that's not all. We are a family. We treat the children who come through our center like family, and our parents know this. Our teachers have the experience, education, patience, and kindness to teach children according to their individual developmental needs. This kind of continuity in a teaching staff for young children is incredibly valuable. It provides so many positive qualities, including a sense of security, personalized care, and individualized knowledge that is only gained from personal experience and having a history with a child and his/her family.

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We are proud that we have many bilingual teachers and all of the children are learning Spanish at very young ages. Our curriculum is geared to meet our children's early learning needs, and we help children to stay on an early educational path that is followed through in each classroom.

Ms. Sharon celebrates 20 years with the Center

Our staff includes

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Our chef keeps us wrapped in nutritious deliciousness!

  • 12 full-time teachers
  • 21 part-time staff
  • a chef
  • 3 administrators
  • a bookkeeper

Our Very Qualified Staff

At the Center we encourage and support our staff as they pursue lifelong learning goals. We do our best to provide our teachers with enriching educational opportunities so that they can bring the enthusiasm, energy, and new ideas back to our classrooms. Many of our teachers have earned or are in the process of earning their CDA (Child Development Associate). We are proud of their achievements!

  • Betsy Billie, Executive Director, 28 years
  • Regina Smith-Alamo, AGS, Adm., and CDA, 27 years
  • Sharon Palmer, AGS, CDA Candidate, 23 years
  • RaMona Jones, PT Assistant Director, AGS and CDA, 22 years
  • Ronald "Snap" Gallimore, Chef, 20 years
  • Dan Williams, AGS, Adm., CDA and Food Manager, 15 years
  • Aja King, AGS and CDA, 15 years
  • Velva Foster, Assistant Program Director, GS and CDA, 15 years (Master's Degree)
  • Valerie Crespo, AGS and CDA, 12 years
  • Tom O'Malley, Bookkeeper, 11 years
  • Melissa Mergen, AGS and CDA, 9 years
  • Heather Daly, GS and Adm., 9 years
  • Thalia Flecha, AGS and CDA, 8 years
  • Brandi Roberts, AGS and CDA, 7 years
  • Natalie Weaver, GS and CDA Candidate, 4 years
  • Charleny Liz-Javier, CDA Candidate 4 years
  • Emily Zarrilli, AGS, ECE Assoc. Degree, 2 years

GS: Group Supervisor
Adm.: Administrative Team member
AGS: Assistant Group Supervisor
CDA: Child Development Associate

We are pleased to have the leadership of our volunteer board of directors.

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