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The Center gives out Parent & Child and Nick Jr. magazines to help promote a positive family learning environment. Both offer great tips and ideas for raising ready-to-learn kids! Need more ideas? These sites are full of creative ideas. Fun learning activities? A little support? Check out these links...

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School Closing Information

Please call the Center at 610-696-8447 and after the first prompt, press #6 for any delays or closures. We will also post our information (which is always listed by our own name separately from West Chester school district) on all major TV stations as well as here on our website's home page and our Facebook page.

Helpful Links for Parents and Caregivers

  • Growing Up Online
    NBC's free e-book for parents on Online Safety. Have you started talking with your kids about how they can stay safe online?
  • No Cry Solution
    The website of Elizabeth Pantley, author of such books as The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution and The No-Cry Sleep Solution. Get some new strategies into your parenting toolkit.
  • ABC Teach
    Interested in literacy and how you can help your child be a better reader? A great site for parents and teachers
  • Babble
    Courtesy of Disney, pregnancy, parenting and family planning community and resources
  • First steps into technology Child Fun
    Chock full of fun learning activities – plus a "parent support" area
  • CHIP
    Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program is expanding to cover all kids. Find out how your kids can get coverage here.
  • Enchanted Learning
    Excellent ideas and activities for early childhood programs and family literacy – help your child be more successful in school
    A Disney-sponsored site with lots of great resources for families
  • Family Education
    Parenting advice, child development, family games & activities
  • National Wildlife Federation's Your Big Backyard
    Resources that complement the Your Big Backyard curriculum
  • Nick Jr.
    Kids games & activity finder for parents and preschoolers – all sorts of fun with their favorite Nick Jr. TV Shows
  • Parent Soup
    An iVillage family resource
  • PBS Kids
    Resources for parents and teachers – and lots of games for kids with all their favorite PBS Kids characters


Revised February 2017