Infants + Toddlers


Our Center cares for infants as young as six weeks of age. Our infants are lovingly cared for while they develop a wide range of cognitive and sensory skills. Feeding schedules are individualized according to each child's needs. The Center provides infant cereal, baby food, and one type of formula at no additional cost to parents. Meals are provided to children under the Child and Adult Food Care Program. We provide cribs and linens, and do our own laundering.

woman holding a baby
Three babies with Ms Lauren in the Baby room


Our young toddler classrooms focus on helping children continue to gain independence while introducing more academic concepts. Toddlers learn pre-writing and reading, alphabet recognition and letter sounds, colors, shapes, numbers and other fundamental skills.

On-site playgrounds provide developmentally appropriate play equipment for outdoor play. Our large, airy classrooms provide plenty of space for exploring the world. We provide mats and linens for nap time. The Center serves nutritionally-balanced breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon snacks including milk and juice, all at no additional cost to parents. Meals are served to children under the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

You all are so wonderful and the work you do to educate and serve our children is much appreciated. We couldn’t do it without you!

– WCADCC Parent Survey Response

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For 61 years, we have been a leader in providing children with a safe, nurturing childcare environment combined with a top-quality early education program, but we would be nothing without our community.

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