Programs: Fees

These fees are for the 2019-2020 academic year. Fees are subject to change. Fees are reviewed and updated annually in July. Fees posted on this page are effective July 1, 2019. All students are subject to the annual registration fee. Our fees include hot breakfast and lunch for every student. Enrollment requires an initial deposit of one week's fee. Initial deposits must always maintain a minimum amount equal to the current weekly fee whether it is a private rate or a subsidized rate. Please note: FEES ARE CHARGED BY ENROLLMENT, NOT ATTENDANCE. There are no credits for sick, vacation, or absent days.

Classroom assignments are based on age. Rates will change the first Monday AFTER the child has had a birthday. We do not pro-rate fees or change fee mid-week. Initial deposits will also stay the same and are not reduced if the child's rate goes down.

Our center accepts subsidized childcare, which helps eligible families pay their child care costs. For eligibility information, please call ELRC at 484-593-5050.

Fees effective July 1, 2019.

Classroom Program Age Fee
Infants 6 weeks through 12 months $245.00 per week
Young Toddlers 13 through 24 months $225.00 per week
Older Toddlers 25 through 36 months $210.00 per week
Preschoolers 37 months through Kindergarten $195.00 per week
Both Before and After School Care Full-day kindergarten elsewhere through age 12 $110.00 per week
Before School Care Only Full-day kindergarten elsewhere through age 12 $50.00 per week
After School Care Only Full-day kindergarten through age 12 $50.00 per week
School-Aged Care, half day Kindergarten through age 12; either breakfast + lunch or lunch + snack $30.00 per day
Full Days Off Kindergarten through age 12 $40.00 per day, during school year
Summer Camp Program first grade through age 12 $195.00 per week
Summer Program Registration Fee first grade through age 12 $25.00 per summer, per student
Annual Registration Fee all students $25.00 per year, per student


Revised Mar. 2019