United Way of Chester County

Partnering with the United Way to Help Raise Your Financial IQ

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Everyone's having trouble stretching their dollars these days – make sure you've got money smarts on your side.

Having trouble making ends meet? Wondering who to trust for financial advice? With unemployment near 10% and home prices declining...and credit card debt that you can never seem to make a dent in, it's hard to know the right financial steps to take to keep your own finances on an even keel. We're all struggling. That's why we're so excited that West Chester Area Day Care Center has been selected as a learning site for the United Way Financial Stability Partnership of Chester County. The United Way of Chester County has developed a plan to help individuals and families move away from crisis financial management and towards meeting basic needs and planning for the future. Wouldn't you like to get away from juggling bills and start to get your head above water?

How you can benefit

The Center will be holding three seminars to help you learn the financial skills you need. Just keep an eye out for the sign-up sheet. We'll take care of dinner and looking after the kids so you can concentrate on the bottom line.

Financial Fire Drill

We held our first seminar in June, a "Financial Fire Drill." We entertained the kids, and Moms and Dads learned lots of important information from the certified financial planner from the Pledging Tree Foundation.

What we learned:

  • Basic budgeting skills
  • How to build financial strength
  • How to face financial adversity with new coping skills
  • How to create a financial "Fire Escape" – building an emergency fund in case you lose your income
  • Strategies for analyzing your current situation and putting a plan into action

The financial planners presented several useful tools for managing your finances. If you've mislaid your copy, download a new one here:



Revised June 2010