Good Nutrition Project

fresh vegetables at a farm stand
Fresh fruit and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet.

The Center understands the importance of serving well balanced meals to every child and providing infant formula. As stated by the WHO Information Series on School Health:

"Good health and nutrition are needed to achieve one's full educational potential because nutrition affects intellectual development and learning ability. Many studies report significant links between nutritional status and cognitive test scores or school performance. Children with more adequate diets score higher on tests of factual knowledge than those with less adequate nutrition."

The Center provides breakfast, lunch, snacks, baby food and infant formula as part of the services offered. NO EXTRA FEES for any nutritional needs! The projected meals to be served in 2009-10: 21,867 breakfasts, 20,508 lunches and 22,342 snacks! WOW!!

To meet this need the Center developed the Good Nutrition Program in 2009. The goal of the Good Nutrition Program is to help maintain the children's physical health through the provision of healthy meals and encouraging children to make healthy food choices. The Center is grateful to be a part of Pennsylvania's Child and Adult Food Program, but their reimbursement cannot cover all of the food costs alone. So, part of the Good Nutrition Project is to provide the children with more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

We thank those who have supported the Good Nutrition Program in 2009–2010.

  • 1st National Bank of Chester County
  • The Rotary Club of West Chester
  • Genuardi Family Foundation
  • Wegmans Downingtown
  • Individual board members

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Revised July 2010