Over-the-Counter (OTC) Topical Products Permission Form – English

This policy of the West Chester Area Day Care Center (WCADCC) is meant to obtain permission solely for OTC topical lotions/powders/etc... that are used on a regular or recurring basis. This policy does not apply to other OTC substances such as pain relievers, asthma treatments, or other medications.

  • All lotions, etc... must be supplied by the parent and labeled with your child's full name. Each child must have their own items. We do not keep any extra lotions, etc... at the center and will not use anything on your child that is not supplied by you.
  • All lotions, etc... will be kept locked away in the classrooms, not in child's lockers or cubbies. Please hand all items directly to a staff member. Do not leave items in cubbies, a classroom, or on front desk at drop off.
  • Please check the expiration date on all products. We cannot use any products that are expired.
  • Unless specific application times or limitations are designated by the parent, we will use in accordance with the item (ie diaper cream will be applied at diaper changes, etc..)
I give permission for the staff of WCADCC to apply (name of product, can list more than one item):(Required)
to child's full name(Required)
Date of use
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
I fully understand and agree to follow the policy regarding topical products use and application.
Parent/Guardian Name(Required)

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