We have a wonderful staff with the majority being here for more than 10 years and quite a few over 25 years! That kind of commitment and extremely low staff turnover rate is highly unusual in childcare centers

Why are we such a great place for teachers? It is because all of us are extremely dedicated to our children and the success of WCADCC. Our Center's commitment to staff development and continuing higher education is like no other! Because we have such highly qualified and experienced teachers, we have earned the Keystone Star 4 rating. Half of our full time staff members hold the nationally recognized Child Development Associate credential; two have Associate’s Degrees, and seven more hold Bachelor’s Degrees, including two staff who hold a Master's Degree. Currently, 100% of our part time staff are enrolled in college degree programs!

WCADCC staff holding a blue cake
WCADCC staff

But that's not all. We are a family. We treat the children who come through our center like family, and our parents know this. Our teachers have the experience, education, patience, and kindness to teach children according to their individual developmental needs. This kind of continuity in a teaching staff for young children is incredibly valuable. It provides so many positive qualities, including a sense of security, personalized care, and individualized knowledge that is only gained from personal experience and having a history with a child and his/her family.

We are proud that we have bilingual teachers available to support our families and all of the children have Spanish incorporated into their daily activities and lessons. Our curriculum is geared to meet our children's early learning needs, and we help children to stay on an early educational path that is followed through in each classroom. Our early childhood education program is the solid foundation that future educational success is based on!

Our staff includes:

full-time teachers
part-time staff
food manager

Our Extremely Qualified Staff

At WCADCC, we encourage and support our staff as they pursue lifelong learning goals. We do our best to provide our teachers with enriching educational opportunities so that they can bring enthusiasm, energy, and new ideas back to our classrooms. We are so proud of their achievements!

  • Betsy Billie, Executive Director, BSEd ECE, Director’s Credential, 32 years
  • Regina Smith-Alamo, AGS, Adm., and CDA, 30 years
  • Sharon Palmer, AGS, CDA, 26 years
  • RaMona Jones, PT Admin Asst., AGS and CDA, 25 years
  • Velva Foster, Assistant Director, GS and CDA, BS and Master’s, 18 years
  • Valerie Crespo, AGS and CDA, 15 years
  • Tom O'Malley, Bookkeeper, BA, 14 years
  • Heather Daly, GS, BSEd, 12 years
  • Nicolette Billie, GS, BA in Psychology and Master’s in IO Psyche, 11 years
  • Brandi Palmer, AGS, 10 years
  • Natalie Mull, Assistant Program Director, GS, BS, 7 years
  • Charleny Liz-Javier, CDA, 7 years
  • Emily Zarrilli, GS, AA ECE, 5 years
  • Madison Hensel, GS, BS 4 years
  • Aaryon Presbery, GS, BS Psych, 3 years
  • Christin Clark, Food Manager, AA, 1 year
  • Ashley Reyes, Aide, <1 year
  • Margarita Colon, Aide, <1 year

GS: Group Supervisor (Bachelor’s Degree)
AGS: Assistant Group Supervisor (Associate’s Degree or 2 years full-time child care experience)
Teacher’s Aide: (High School diploma and child care experience)
CDA: Child Development Associate National Credential
Adm.: Administrative Team member

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Betsy Billie Boss' Day
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For 61 years, we have been a leader in providing children with a safe, nurturing childcare environment combined with a top-quality early education program, but we would be nothing without our community.

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