Alumni and In Memoriam

WCADCC past board members

Since the inception of The West Chester Area Day Care Center in 1962, there have been so many people along the way who have contributed to our success. We have also lost some very valuable friends of WCADCC, who either worked here or served on our Board of Directors.

We have also built lifelong bonds with families who have either gone here themselves, brought their children or grandchildren back to WCADCC or who have just always been such good friends of WCADCC for years and years.

House Representative Elinor Taylor and Craig Tucker are in the picture to the left. They were both very instrumental in getting our center recognized in the community and making great connections with other area organizations.

We wanted to highlight and honor some of these special people and families who have positively impacted us through the years. Thank you all!

In Memorium

Snap is 80

Mr Ronald “Snap” Gallimore

He was our Chef for many, many years who loved being around the children because they kept him young! He worked in many facilities as the cook and was also a Veteran of the US Army.

Miel Medley

Miel Medley

Ms Miel was a teacher who loved to make the children smile and always had such a friendly, happy demeanor. In her memory, many people donated in her name which is a testament of her positivity and love.

Craig Tucker

Craig Tucker

Craig served on our Board of Directors and was truly a breath of fresh air coming in with new ideas and always being straightforward and supportive. We lost him way too early, but we talk and think of him often and always with a smile on our faces!

Dr Robert Poole

Dr Robert Poole

Dr Poole chaired the Capital Fund Drive that established The West Chester Area Day Care Center! He was a man with many significant accomplishments especially in Chester County. We are grateful to be a part of his long list of service and dedication to improving people’s lives.

Marcie Donnelly Memorial Foundation

Marcie Donnelly Memorial Foundation

This family lost their Mom and Grandmother; Marcie Donnelly, unexpectedly and we were fortunate enough to be a beneficiary of her memorial foundation. Sweet family who we still get Christmas cards from every year!

Alumni of WCADCC

Mikel Potts

Mikel Potts

 This little baby boy was enrolled here in 1990 and since then has brought his four children back to WCADCC. He said he remembered the great feelings he had from going here and wanted to ensure his kids had the same experience. (Yes, the current Director taught him way back then too!!)

Henry Bussy and son

Henry “Bussy”, his son and Betsy

After teaching Henry over 25 years ago, he came back to visit WCADCC and his teacher from back then Ms Betsy 🙂  He wanted to show his son where he “grew up”!  The BEST!

Through the Years

The Harvey and Mack family

This family has been with us since 1989 with children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren etc… and there are many more families like this as well who will forever be in our hearts 🙂

Daycare Alumni Keegan and Timmy from 2005 meet up in 2022

Keegan Billie and Timmy Richardson

These two men were daycare alumni who graduated from here around 2006, saw each other now and then, but met up in college saying to each other: “Hey, didn’t you go to my daycare?”. The bonds made here last forever!

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For 61 years, we have been a leader in providing children with a safe, nurturing childcare environment combined with a top-quality early education program, but we would be nothing without our community.

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